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WILLYS JEEP Solex Design Civilian L-Head Carburetor
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Category£º CARBURETOR Hundred kilometers£º
Brand£º SOLEX Model£º 923808
Applicable model£º WILLYS JEEP Idle speed£º
Acceleration£º Matching engine models£º 1946-1971 Jeep CJ2A, 3A
Place of origin£º CHIAN SHENYANG Parts number£º 923808
Product Description£º

Omix-Ada 17701.02 Carburetor

Solex Design Civilian L-Head Carburetor
1946-1971 Jeep CJ2A, 3A
Part # 923806

Carburetor Solex Design L-Head for 1945-49 CJ2A &1949-53 CJ3A - FAQ: - How do I know if I have an L flat head 4 CYL or the F head over head valve 4 CYL in my vintage jeep? - L flat head engines will have the plugs and plug wires pointing straight up on top of the head. F head over head valve engine will have a metal valve cover and the plugs and wires will be pointing out at an angle on the driver's side of the head. It is very important to know what engine you have before placing an order for parts. - I'm having trouble getting my Solex downdraught carburetor for my vintage 134 4 CYL engine to run correctly. What adjustments should I make? - The Type M.32 PBIC carburetor is a bolt on replacement for the original Carter Carburetor and has some differences. It is very important to note that the Solex M.32 will need only 1-1/3 to 2 pounds of fuel pressure at the inlet fuel line. Any thing higher will cause the carb to run very rich and produce drivability issues in high altitude regions. If the fuel pressure is found to be too high an inline regulator will be needed. Another area to pay special attention to when installing the new carb is to the rubber fuel lines. These lines leading to the carburetor should be replaced with new lines and installed very carefully to avoid producing trash. If a small particle makes its way into the carburetor it is possible for the trash to clog the needle valve and cause a run rich condition - Why will the replacement Solex carburetor I purchased for my vintage CJ not fit the intake mounting studs? - The same bolt pattern was used on all early model CJ carburetors and should fit without trouble. The bolts will run front to back on the intake. There is the possibility that your jeep has had the motor, or intake replaced with one from an early 2WD Wagon or Jeepster that used a slightly larger carburetor and had the mounting bolts running side to side. - Replaces part number: 923806 & 51312.00

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